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Intractive voice response system has set of rules and commands, which provides list of menu to the caller to interact with the system. The interaction can be defined and customized as per the client specifications and requirement.

Automatic recording and voice responding all customer queries through telephone without human intervention. IVR takes customer through interactive voice guidance and phone key dialing to record complaints or information. Can be easily be integrated with existing MIS or DSS (Decision Support System).
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Intra communicator is a software tool, which is used for communication through electronic network. As the communication plays a vital role in this modern e-world, it should me faster and more efficient.

Let us consider a simple example of an organization, where the head wants to communicate with his/her immediate designation below him. If the person below him was not there, then he must wait sometime to communicate the message to the person concerned, wasting time. There's where the intra communicator plays a very important role in an organization.
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The scope of SeFi Application is right from production to shipment. It also has a provision to handle multiple companies and multiple locations. Stock can be arrived for a given company, location, on road or given product (Both variety and Brand).

SeFi Application Package is visualized and designed for multiple companies multiple locations in multi-user environment. Since it is multi-user environment, applications users hierarchy can be built according to organization policies. Role and working privileges can be defined for each application user so that unauthorized operations could be avoided.
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This package is visualized for traders who deal with wholesale and retail in medium-scale to large-scale sectors. It will facilitate purchase, sales, billing and taking stock statement. It is very compact, consistent, Windows GUI based user friendly, cost-effective package and makes you very comfort to streamline your day-to-day operations. Here Flow of the Activity Process is

Purchases | Stock | Re-Packing | Contra-Lot | Sales | Delivery | Sales return.
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The Biometric systems are widely used to identify people based on their behavioral and physiological characters. They can be broadly categorized as follows: -

Physiological Behavioral
  • Finger print
  • Hand geometry
  • Eye retina
  • Face recognition
  • Signature
  • Voice
  • Key dynamics

  • Though various systems are using biometrics, they are generally used for Access control system and time attendance system. ARS will integrate access control and Attendance system with customised policies of company.
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