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Integrated HR System IMC Limited  Screens Shots  go to Top
This project involves computerising the whole process of HRD operation. The HRD operation involves maintaining various activities such as recruiting process, maintaining the employee details, daily attendance, leave process, ESI and PF processes, TDS process, processing the yearly allowances/benefits for employees, calculating the overtime salary, monthly salary processing, facilitating the employees, performance appraisals and providing HR manual online.
MLM Support System Discover Orient Holidays (P) Ltd  Screens Shots  go to Top
It is the marketing strategy, which is having a hierarchical approach of marketing like branches growing in a tree.

There is a facility in this system for a new person to enroll himself into the MLM hierarchy. The member of the MLM could able to view his and his underlying member's personal and accounts information. The administrator of the business could set the bonus points ratio and the commission percentage, according to the hierarchical position of the members in the MLM.
Work Flow Management Gabrial India Limited  Screens Shots  go to Top
It will facilitated a area manager to generate a event generation.
HEAD COUNT Cairn Energy India PTY Limited  Screens Shots  go to Top
The project reads the data from the paradox database, based on which the application runs and updates the MS Access database with the data in the paradox database. It also generates the department wise head count report, based on the current date and time. In addition it also gives the hour wise report of the person, who were inside, for the last few given hours.
MARINE INVENTORY KRM Marine Exports Limited  Screens Shots  go to Top
The scope of Marine Inventory Application is right from production to shipment. It also has a provision to handle multiple companies and multiple locations. Stock can be arrived for a given company, location, on road or given product (Both variety and Brand).

Marine Inventory Application Package is visualized and designed for multiple companies multiple locations in multi-user environment. Since it is multi-user environment, applications users hierarchy can be built according to organization policies. Role and working privileges can be defined for each application user so that unauthorized operations could be avoided.
BILLING SOFTWARE Nathan Traders  Screens Shots  go to Top
This package is visualized for traders who deal with wholesale and retail in medium-scale to large-scale sectors. It will facilitate purchase, sales, billing and taking stock statement. It is very compact, consistent, Windows GUI based user friendly, cost-effective package and makes you very comfort to streamline your day-to-day operations. Here Flow of the Activity Process is

Purchases | Stock | Re-Packing | Contra-Lot | Sales | Delivery | Sales return.
Material Management ERP EUROSTAR  Screens Shots  go to Top
This project involves computing the whole process of Material Management.

The Material Management involves various activities such as Planning for Production, Purchase order, GRN, Issues of Material and Sales order operations.
ONLINE SHARE TRADING Nagarjuna Securities Limited  Screens Shots  go to Top
This system will facilitate Online Share Trading through the Web. In this system, the operations can be divided in to five major modules such as · Client Registration

Watch (Client / Broker), Transaction (Buying / Selling), Reports, Data Sync.
Fleet Management System Sri Saravanan & Co  Screens Shots  go to Top
This Project basically is a vehicle transaction package integrated with accounts module.

This package deals with, to an extent of taking IT reports and calculating individual Profit / Loss for each vehicle.
Library Management System Easwari Lending Library  Screens Shots  go to Top
Library management system (LibMan) is a package visualized for easy reference of status of any book in the library. Library management system consists of information about books available in the library and members associated with the library. These Books are categorized in author wise and for the each and every author the shelf was allocated. The location of book could be retrieved in either by author wise or book wise. It will also deal with reservation, binding and financila modules. It will help the management by providing fast moving books and its frequency of lent out. It will consolidate book wise / author wise earning versus investment statement.
Attendance Recording System IGCa and Kudankulam Power Plant  Screens Shots  go to Top
The Biometric systems are widely used to identify people based on their behavioral and physiological characters. They can be broadly categorized as follows: -

Physiological Behavioral
  • Finger print
  • Hand geometry
  • Eye retina
  • Face recognition
  • Signature
  • Voice
  • Key dynamics

  • Though various systems are using biometrics, they are generally used for Access control system and time attendance system. ARS will integrate access control and Attendance system with customised policies of company.
    Leather Industry ERP TriMurthi Leathers  Screens Shots  go to Top
    This is a complete ERP System for a Leather Industry, which produces finished Leather from the Raw Wet-Blue Leather.

    This has the following Modules. Purchase, Process-I, Process-II, Job-works, Vender Management, Inventory, Sales, Finance, Accounts and Security.

    The flow of Leather from Purchase stage to Sales point is traceable and this helps in grading the supplier’s quality.

    The break-up cost incurred in each stage of Leather processing is available for future planning and decisions. This helps to know where we stand.
    Online ERP IMS-Dubai  Screens Shots  go to Top
    This project is the complete automation of all the activities of a company, which has the international marketing and trading activities of different commodities. This project consists of FAS, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, System Admin and Services Modules.
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